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Types Of Accident And Injury Claims

There are hundreds of ways you could receive an injury which might qualify you for a Las Vegas personal injury claim. The list below shows some of the possible injury claims. If your specific injury is not on this list, you still may be entitled to receive compensation for your injury. Contact a Las Vegas Lawyer for a free personal injury consulation to evaluate your case and right to compensation.

  • Wrongful Death
  • Car Accidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip And Fall Accidents
  • Trip And Fall Accidents
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Defective Products
  • Workplace Accidents
  • Pedestrian Accidents
  • Water-Related Accidents
  • Wrongful Death Accidents

    A Las Vegas wrongful death accident lawsuit can be filed by a Nevada Lawyer on behalf of the family of a person who died due to the negligent or intentional misconduct of a person or a company. A Las Vegas wrongful death lawsuit can be used to obtain money damages to compensate the victim's close relatives for medical expenses, loss of financial support, and for the emotional losses which occur when a family member dies. The compensable emotional losses can include pain and suffering, lost wages, mental anguish, and loss of companionship or support for the surviving relatives. Many Las Vegas deaths have been caused by negligent drivers. An intoxicated driver increases the risk that a Las Vegas car accident will occur which may result in death to the other driver and any passengers. Las Vegas wrongful death accidents can be caused by unsafe property conditions. A wrongful death can be caused by a defective product. A Nevada wrongful death can occur anytime a person is careless and the failure to exercise care results in an accident causing the death of the victim. A wrongful death can occur when a company fails to exercise safety precautions. There are hundreds of situations which can lead to the wrongful death of a person in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin or any other city in Nevada. A Las Vegas Wrongful Death Attorney can evaluate whether you and other family members have a viable claim for wrongful death under Nevada Wrongful Death Law. If your loved one died and you aren't quite sure if the death was caused by negligence, contact a Las Vegas Wrongful Death attorney for a free consultation.

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    Car Accidents

    Car accidents occur frequently and cause severe injuries to many people. In 1999, more than 3 million Americans were injured and more than 42,000 were killed in motor vehicle crashes. Of those who died, 5,586 were teens and 2,055 were children; nearly 8,000 were 65 and older. More than half of the people involved in fatal crashes were not wearing seat belts. Alcohol was involved in 38% of fatalities. Aggressive driving - such as speeding, excessive lane changes, following too closely, and running red lights - was associated with one-third of traffic crashes and two-thirds of fatal crashes. Las Vegas car accidents occur every day and cause immense pain and suffering to many people. If another driver was negligent, a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer can often make a settlement demand against the other driver's insurance company. Your own insurance may also pay if you carry Uninsured / Underinsured (UM / UIM) coverage and the other driver had no coverage or the coverage was inadequate. If the other driver received a citation from the Police Officer investigating the Las Vegas auto accident, your negligence case can be much stronger. A Las Vegas Car Wreck Attorney can facilitate the settlement of your Las Vegas car accident claim for damages. If the insurance company refuses to settle for a reasonable amount, a Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer can file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. It is often wise to contact a Las Vegas Car Accident Attorney very early in the process to assure that critical deadlines are met - evidence is preserved - negotiations are properly conducted - and your case is aggressively pursued to achieve the maximum compensation available.

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    Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents have injured, disfigured, hurt, impaired, maimed and killed many people in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Reno, Tahoe and many other places in Nevada. In the USA, one out of every nine fatal vehicle accidents involves a large truck. Some of the causes of Las Vegas truck accidents could include: bad brakes, overloaded truck, driver fatigue and drowsiness, inadequate warning devices (lights, reflectors, reflective tape) inadequate training or supervision of the Truck Driver, oversized truck, visibility problems, inexperienced Truck Driver, abuse of stimulants, driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI - DWI), driving with a high blood alcohol concentration (BAC, driving without a valid commercial driver's license, exceeding the speed limit, driving too fast for weather and road conditions, and many other causes. It is often very important to engage a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer early in the process. In Truck Accident claims, it is common for a Las Vegas Tractor-Trailer Attorney to hire an expert to examine the truck and the accident scene immediately after the accident. Large trucks have to comply with many local, state and federal truck laws, rules and regulations. Also, the insurance and liability issues can sometimes be complex in truck accident claims. Contact a Las Vegas Truck Accident Lawyer to evaluate your Nevada Truck Accident claim.

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    Motorcycle Accidents

    Las Vegas motorcycle accidents can often result in road scrapes and burns, broken bones, disfigurement, traumatic brain injury (TBI), head injury, spinal cord injury, neck injury and even the death of the Las Vegas motorcycle driver. It has been reported that there is an injury or a death in one out of every eight motorcycle wrecks. Many Las Vegas motorcycle drivers are aware that they have to drive defensively. Some Las Vegas car drivers do not adequately pay attention or observe the proper distances when driving in traffic with a motorcycle. If you have any questions about Las Vegas motorcycle accidents, contact a Nevada Motorcycle Accident Lawyer for a free case evaluation.

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    Slip And Fall Accidents

    Slip and Fall accidents happen all of the time. Slipping and tripping accidents are just behind car accidents as the most common accidents resulting in death. A slip and fall accident can occur when there is a foreign substance on the floor (like water, oil, wax). Some floor materials are slip resistant while others are more likely to contribute to a slip accident. A Las Vegas Lawyer may have an expert test the slip resistance of the flooring as part of the investigation of your Las Vegas slip & fall accident claim for damages. A property or business owner should keep the property in a reasonably safe condition. When the floor is slippery, the important facts hinge on whether the condition could be expected and whether the property owner took steps to correct the unsafe condition in a timely manner. If someone in front of you spills a drink on the floor and you slip, it may not be fair to hold the property owner liable because there was no knowledge and no chance to clean up the spill. On the other hand, if the property owner knew of the condition (or could expect that it was likely to occur) and had plenty of time to correct it, the owner may be held liable for any injuries under Nevada Premises Liability Law. A Las Vegas Slip And Fall Lawyer can evaluate your Nevada Premises Liability claim in a free consultation.

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    Trip And Fall Accidents

    A trip and fall accident can occur if there is an obstruction or unexpected object in a person's path. The object causes the person to lose balance and fall resulting in injury. Carpet seams, unexpected or narrow steps, poor lighting, unmarked rises, and visually deceptive materials can all lead to Las Vegas trip and fall accidents. If the property condition causing the Las Vegas trip and fall accident was a violation of the building or safety code, your negligence case can be much stronger because Nevada Premises Liability Law allows that a code violation can establish negligence under certain factors. Every person should look where they are going, but business and property owners should be responsible for needless injuries caused by trip hazards which are often easy to correct. Contact a Las Vegas Trip and Fall Attorney if you tripped and want to evaluate your claim under Nevada Premises Liability Law.

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    Medical Malpractice

    Medical Malpractice happens anytime a Las Vegas medical professional (nurse, pharmacist, chiropractor, radiologist, technician) and/or a Las Vegas medical facility (hospital, clinic, quick care, nursing home, testing center, pharmacy) does not meet the required standard of care when treating the patient who was injured in the Las Vegas medical malpractice incident. The "standard of care" means that the medical professional or facility have to exercise a level of learning and skill which other professionals practicing in the same medical field and location would use in that particular situation. A failure to meet this standard would be evidence of negligence. Some of the possible Nevada medical malpractice claims could include: misdiagnosis, adverse drug interaction, infant injury, cancer misdiagnosis, pharmacy malpractice, delayed diagnosis, wrongful death, unnecessary surgery, surgical error, failure to obtain informed consent, abandonment of the patient, improper care, adverse drug interaction, drug toxicity, dosage error, birth trauma, fetal distress lawsuits, and catastrophic personal injury. Las Vegas medical malpractice cases are often very expensive to take to a jury trial due to the need to hire many experts to support the fact that there was negligence in the care and treatment of the Las Vegas patient who was injured by malpractice. Also, there were many recent changes in Nevada malpractice law due to a new statute which limited certain damages available to injured patients and affected filing procedures and deadlines. This is an area of law where it is usually critical to contact a Las Vegas Medical Malpractice Lawyer early in order to maximize your recovery if you were injured by a negligent doctor, nurse, hospital, pharmacy or any other medical provider in Nevada.

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    Defective Products

    A defective product injury can occur when any product is unsafe. A product should be designed so it can be safely used. A product should be made so there is no dangerous flaw which would injure the person using the product. Sometimes, inadequate instructions or warnings can result in a serious injury. There are several legal theories which can be used by a Las Vegas Defective Products Lawyer to obtain compensation for your injuries under Nevada Products Liability law. Virtually any product can be the cause of an injury. Also, it may be possible to hold many parties liable for the injury caused by a defective product sold in Nevada. Contact a Las Vegas Products Liability Attorney to answer your questions about a defective product which injured you or a family member in Nevada.

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    Workplace Accidents

    Every year, on the job accidents (workplace accidents) injure many workers in Las Vegas, Henderson and many other towns in Nevada. Some occupations can be potentially dangerous like: timber cutters, metal workers, industrial workers, roofers, electric power installers and repairmen, farm occupations, carpenters, construction laborers and truck drivers. Some on the job injuries can include: running equipment injury, electrocution, toxic or hazardous substance exposure, dangerous property conditions, falls from ladders, falls from roofs, fire injury, explosion injury, traffic accidents, workplace assaults, jackknifed or overturned trucks, overturned farm or industrial equipment injury, being struck by a falling or flying object, being struck by a vehicle or construction equipment, defective scaffolds, and defective equipment. In Nevada and many other states, there is a Workers Compensation system where workers can obtain compensation for workplace injuries. The system provides compensation for many injuries including death, disfigurement, impairment and permanent physical disability. Generally, an employee cannot sue the employer for a workplace accident because the industrial compensation system is the exclusive remedy of the employee. This is usually not bad because the employee can often receive adequate compensation for any on the job injuries. However, if the accident happened because of the negligence of an independent third party, the employee may be able to maintain an independent lawsuit for negligence. Consult a Las Vegas Workplace Injury Lawyer to determine your rights under Nevada Law.

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    Pedestrian Accidents

    In 1999, nearly 5,000 pedestrians died from traffic-related injuries and another 85,000 sustained nonfatal injuries Children 15 and younger accounted for 12% of all pedestrian fatalities and 32% of all nonfatal pedestrian injuries. People 65 and older accounted for 22% of all pedestrian deaths and approximately 8% of nonfatal pedestrian injuries. The pedestrian death rate for this age group is higher than for any other age group. The pedestrian fatality rate is more than twice as high for men as for women. Hit-and-run incidents account for one out of five pedestrian deaths. In 1999, approximately one-third of pedestrians 14 and older who were killed by a motor vehicle were intoxicated, with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.10% or more. Children are at increased risk for pedestrian injuries for several reasons: Their smaller size makes them difficult for drivers to see, especially if they are standing between parked cars on the side of the road. Because young children are often unable to judge distances and vehicle speeds accurately, they can easily misjudge whether it is safe to cross a street. Parents can over-estimate their children's ability to cross the street. Many elementary school-aged children don't understand traffic signals and don't know how to anticipate drivers' actions. Drivers and child pedestrians each assume (incorrectly) that the other will yield the right-of-way. If you or a family member were injured in a pedestrian accident in Las Vegas, Henderson, Summerlin, Reno, Laughlin (or any other place in Nevada), contact a Las Vegas Pedestrian Accident Attorney to evaluate your claim.

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    Water-Related Accidents

    In 1998, 4,406 people drowned in the United States, an average of 12 people per day. More than 80% of drownings occur among males. Alcohol use is involved in about 25% to 50% of adolescent and adult deaths associated with water recreation. It is a major contributing factor in up to 50% of drownings among adolescent boys. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 734 people died in recreational boating incidents in 1999. Nearly three-quarters of boating-related deaths were due to drowning; 89% of people who drowned were not wearing personal flotation devices. The majority of drownings among the youngest Americans would not have been prevented if pools had adequate fencing. In a Center for Disease Control study, researchers estimated that proper pool fencing would have prevented about one-fifth of drownings among children under 5. This shows that greater preventive measures (e.g., pool covers, alarms, community education) are needed to prevent drowning. In Las Vegas, the building code requires many safety precautions which swimming pool owners must implement. Consult a Las Vegas Lawyer if you think your loved one drowned as a result of a swimming pool owner's negligence. In addition to the risk of drowning, there are other water-related injuries. Injuries from boat propellers can result in permanent scarring, significant blood loss, broken bones, amputation, or death. As sales of personal water craft (e.g., jet skis) skyrocketed in the early 1990s, so did associated injuries. Of the estimated 33,000 people treated in hospital emergency departments between 1990 and 1995 for injuries related to personal water craft (PWC), nearly three-quarters were males. Boats and personal water craft must be used responsibly. If you and your family have suffered from the irresponsible use of boats or personal water craft, contact a Las Vegas Boating Accident Attorney for a free case evaluation.

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